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In this area we have collected some information about Blekinge stugförmedling and the most commonly asked questions regarding our available services.

Blekinge stugförmedling mediates privately owned houses/apartments to Swedish people as well as to foreign tourists.

We have houses located everywhere from the woodlands in the north all the way down to the coast in the south. All our houses vary in regards to size, standard, location and price. Every house we have available has undergone a close inspection and is described as detailed as possible in our catalogue over houses on the Internet.

What rules apply to me when I book a house or an apartment?

Responsible accommodation agency

Parkvägen 10B 370 24 Nättraby
Phone: +46 (0) 455-45360, +46 (0) 708-993615

Our company only acts as an intermediary and therefore the company’s responsibilities are limited to the processing of commissions.

As an accommodation agency we are responsible to make sure that:

  • You receive a confirmation on your reservation.
  • You receive the appropriate documents and information regarding where you can collect your key prior to arrival. This does not always mean that you are entitled, or able to collect the key earlier than 30 days before you are scheduled to arrive.
  • The house/apartment is in accordance with the description. 
  • You are informed of changes that are relevant to your reservation. We are not responsible for promises made to you by the owner of the house/apartment or the owners appointed contact of which we had no knowledge. (Try to get all such things on paper just to be safe)

When does my reservation become binding?

You as well as we are bound by the tenancy agreement as soon as we have confirmed your reservation and you have paid the registration fee (or the entire rental fee).

When should I pay?

If you made your reservation at least 60 days in advance the registration fee is 500SEK/week as long as it does not exceed 20% of the rent. The registration fee should be paid within 10 days of making the reservation. The fee will be deducted from the rent. The remainder of the rent should be paid at its latest, 50 days before your appointed arrival.

If you made your reservation less than 60 days in advance the entire rent should be paid within 10 days of making the reservation. If you make a reservation 14 days prior to arriving or even later, special payment routines will be implemented.


If you do not pay the registration fee within the appointed time frame we have the right to cancel your reservation. If you fail to pay the rent on time we will view this as if you have cancelled your reservation and in effect we will deal with it under the rules of cancelled reservations.

What happens if I want to cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation by notifying us by letter or by talking directly to us in person or phoning us. The cancellation is not valid if made to someone else or if you send it to the house/apartment you were supposed to rent. We will send you a written confirmation of the cancellation.

  • If you cancel earlier than 40 days prior to your arrival date, you are only responsible for paying a 500SEK service charge.
  • If you cancel 40 days or later prior to your arrival date you are responsible for paying 90% of the rent.
  • If you have already paid more than the cost of cancelling you will be refunded as soon as possible.
  • If we manage to rent the house/apartment to somebody else you will be repaid for the cost of cancelling but you are still bound to pay the service charge of 500SEK.

What if something happens to me?

You can protect yourself against the cancellation costs by buying our cancellation protection package. The protection costs 250SEK per house/apartment and it makes it possible under certain conditions for you to cancel your reservation up until the day before your scheduled arrival. The only cost that will be added in these cases is a 250SEK service fee.
The protection package is valid in the following cases, which you are not allowed to have known about when you booked your reservation.

  • Death, sickness or an injury of serious nature, which has been inflicted on yourself, your spouse/cohabiter, family or co-traveller.
  • You receive a summons for civil service or military service.
  • Another event of serious manner occurs beyond your control, that you could not foresee prior to making your reservation. If this event makes it clear that you cannot possibly make good on your reservation the protection package will be valid. For example, extensive fire damage or flooding in your own house/apartment. 

You will have to prove that your cancellation is valid by means of a doctor’s receipt, government paper or an insurance company receipt. The documents should be sent to us within a week of cancelling your reservation.

The fee for the protection package is not repaid if you choose to cancel your reservation.

War, natural disasters or fire among others:

Both you and we have the right to nullify the contract in the event of war, natural disaster, labour conflicts, prolonged loss of water or electricity, fires or any event equal to this magnitude which neither you or we were able to foresee or control. In these cases we are responsible for repaying you for your expenses, minus the use you have already had of the house/apartment.

What are my rights?

You are allowed to freely utilize the house/apartment from 3pm – 7pm from the day of your arrival until 11pm on your day of departure, unless something else has been agreed upon.

If we are not able to facilitate your cabin/apartment in the state that we promised, or even at the appointed time as well as not being able to find a similar suitable house/apartment, whose differences are so small that they do not constitute a problem for you, you have every right to nullify the contract. In this case we see it as our responsibility to refund everything you have paid as well as pay for reasonable and documented additions that the inconvenience might have cost you. The only deduction we will make is for the use of the house/apartment that you might have had. 

Instead of cancelling the contract you can ask of us that we lower your rent payments instead.

If you have any complaints we ask that you forward them to us as soon as possible, preferably within 3 days of your arrival.


Complaints that are not forwarded to us within 3 days of your arrival cannot be taken into consideration after you have departed. 

Problems that might arise during your stay should be reported to us/the landlord as soon as possible so that we can get the opportunity to repair them.

You have the right to let someone else take your place and we have to accept this person as long as we do not have justified reasons against the person in question. If this is the case you have to let us know this before your arrival and we then charge a 200SEK re-booking fee.

Booking fee

100SEK when the payment is made in Sweden. 200SEK when the payment is made abroad.

What are my duties?

You have to look after the house/apartment well and follow the agreed regulations and present instructions. You are responsible for damage inflicted upon the property or its inventory, when it is clear that you or someone in your company has been careless. 

You are not allowed to use the house/apartment for anything but what was agreed upon in the reservation (usually recreational purpose) and you are not allowed to have more people living there than you stated in your reservation.

You have to clean the house/apartment properly before departing.

When arriving you will have to leave a 400SEK cleaning deposition which will be returned to you once the house/apartment has been inspected and approved.

What happens if we do not agree?

Turn directly to us if you have any complaints. Have in mind that the sooner we receive the complaint the more able we are to act quickly and satisfactory upon it. If we cannot reach an agreement in an issue you are more than welcome to take your case to “allmänna reklamationsnämnden”. This is a government organization that acts similar to a courtroom. It’s objective is to solve disagreements between consumers and companies.

General information

All the prices that are represented on this homepage include VAT tax.

The houses are not equipped with bed sheets, towels, detergents, dishcloths or toilet paper. All the distances and areas are “approximate” and serve as orientation rather than exact measurements. You should also have in mind that the house often differs to your own house or apartment in regards to equipment and furniture, for example, the water heater only has a capacity of 30 litres. It is also recommended that you save water during the drier periods since most cabins have an independent well.

We also reserve ourselves when it comes to changes in prices, this is due to possible tax alterations or misprints on this homepage.

We sincerely hope that you will have an enjoyable stay in our beautiful landscape and that Blekinge will find a place in your heart as it has in ours.

With best regards 
Thomas Hansson
Blekinge Stugförmedling.